Swedish Quality Eyewear

Eyewear Made to last

Our contribution to a more sustainable world is to make sure that our products are made in such a high quality that they can last for many years. Affordable quality made to last.

We believe that the age of consumption will continue for many years to come, but we also know that the volumes we are consuming today are not realistic if we want to keep the earth a healthy, sustainable place to live on. This goes for all lines of business, but especially the fashion business where Eyewear has slowly become a part. The sustainability factor in the fashion business, especially when it comes to apparel, is very low. 

Eyewear, frames and glass, is a booming business and the product is becoming more of an accessory than just an aid for people with vision problems. A positive development for us brand holders of course, but it also raises the question of sustainability and how many pairs of glasses a person needs. 

We leave this decision up to the carrier of the glasses. Our job is to make frames well suited for the wearer and her/his prescription glass. And we hope that by succeeding in this, the wearer will not feel the need to change frames every year. 

What we are extra proud of is the quality of our glasses and the service we can provide for our clients, the opticians, and our wearers. A KunoQvist frame is a solid craftsmanship where each part is carefully handled and assembled to a frame made to last. If you handle your product with just a little bit of love, like putting it in its case when not in use, it will be a good-looking friend of yours for many years. 

Our customer service works under the device to always deliver the best, the fastest and most personal service possible to our opticians. Good service for us is, for example, to always have the right spare parts in stock. If your KunoQvist frame, against all odds, would break, you can always go to your local optician to get a spare part within two working days. So, no need to buy a new frame.

Next time you buy a pair of KunoQvist glasses you can feel proud to have chosen a quality product made to last!

One other thing we have worked on is the cases. They are now foldable, thus less freight and the middle part is now made of pressed paper instead of metal. Step three in our work to become more sustainable is to find even better and more sustainable materials to produce our frames in. This is a journey we do together with the whole business and we look very much forward to next chapter.