Frames for the new generation

KQ Young

KunoQvist young is the perfect brand for the new generation in glasses. Smaller frames with a higher trend factor.

We developed the sub-brand KQ Young many years ago, encouraged by our clients, the opticians.

Today we have refined the collection and it consists of 5-10 new models every season, well adapted to the younger wearer. Some are "minime" variants of the KunoQvist frames, others are unique to KQ Young brand. The biggest difference from KunoQvist is that KQ Young has a range of easy worn acetate frames, appealing more to younger wearers. KunoQvist will never become an acetate brand - that is too far from our DNA. 

KQ Young is a more fluid and trend sensitive collection, both when it comes to colors and shapes. If you are looking for a quality frame in clean colors and uncomplicated models in small sizes, KQ young has the perfect frame for you or your child. 



You can see all the frames here.