Echte, a sustainable brand from Denmark

Please read our interview with Cecilia Winther, CEO of the Danish, sustainable fashion brand Echte. We used their amazing spring collection in the current photoshoot for KunoQvist Eyewear. A lovely combination of spring collections for women.


Why did you start up Echte?

We wanted to reach more customers – in age, style and need. ECHTE is created to a customer group that values the perfect fit and shares our opinion of sustainable fashion. The ECHTE woman is a stylish, conscious working woman who desires a more tailored look. We also wanted to give sustainable fashion the tone of voice it deserves and to create a movement to change the demand of fashion.


Where do you find your inspiration?

ECHTE is inspired by real women with real challenges. The ECHTE woman wears her clothes for many hours, so they need to be comfy and at the same time look stylish and formal. Of course, we look to trends as everybody else but we create long lasting fashion – since this is the only 100% sustainable way of making fashion – so our focus is more on megatrends that last longer.


What are the challenges when you want to have a sustainable production?

The biggest challenge is transparency. We have to work with suppliers and sub-suppliers that are willing to open up for dialogue and controlling. We only work with suppliers that are focused on developing sustainable production and to reach certified products. Our certifications are the customer's security. To achieve certifications we have to know every little detail of the product - its origin and composition and everything has to be tested and controlled.

What did HRH Mary (the Danish Princess) think of your S/S collection?

HRH Mary is very dedicated to sustainable fashion – the only two brands she visited at the fair has a sustainable agenda. Then she liked the styles too – that was actually a huge recognition for ECHTE, since HRH Mary is a fashion icon.


Where can we buy your clothes?

Soon it can be bought in fashion stores in both Denmark and Sweden and also online, including our own webshop,


What are your thoughts about the future of the fashion world, in terms of sustainability?

I think it is moving too slow – we have to react now and we cannot continue to have a fashion business who is only driven by fast-moving products, cheap production, and bad quality. We need to invest and we need to slow down – making sure to produce as gentile as possible and only long lasting products in good quality so when you, as a customer, don´t want it anymore then somebody else can have it/buy it and wear it – my old is your new☺ We also need to keep on putting the bar up a bit while learning so we never get satisfied but strives to higher goals. Last but not least – the customers needs starting asking questions before buying and to demand that the products they buy are not doing them any harm.


Interview with Cecilia Winther, CEO Echte.